Recognizing that we all need to be "first responders" during a major disaster, the SAFELY OUT™ Kit provides a unique alert and helper system so that a vulnerable person knows that at least three of his or her neighbors have agreed prior to a disaster that they will assist them to safety. SAFELY OUT™ Kits also enable neighbors to help vulnerable neighbors get out with the critical information needed to reunite them with family or caregivers, alert others of their medical needs and more. The SAFELY OUT™ Project thus serves as a vital "force multiplier," greatly assisting professional emergency responders with carrying out their difficult and often dangerous duties.

The elements of the SAFELY OUT™ Kit include

  • Door Hanger that can be used to signal for assistance using the red "NEED HELP" side, or let others know when the vulnerable are "SAFELY OUT™ using the green side 
    Safely Out Door Hangers
  • Refrigerator Magnet Booklet for recording the essential contact information 
    SO Magnet
  • Helper Information Sheets giving those volunteering to assist a vulnerable person the information they need to do so effectively 
    Safely Out Info Sheet
  • Storage Bag for keeping spare medicines, medical insurance information, etc. safe inside the refrigerator, a place which is air tight, water tight, and fire resistant 
    Safely Out Storage Bag
  • Wallet Information Card carried by the vulnerable in the event of disaster while away from home
  • Kit How-To Brochure
  • A permanent marker and erasable ink pen to complete the Kit contents
  • An adhesive strip to hang the "NEED HELP" sign in a window should the front door not be easily visible from the street