What Others are Saying About SAFELY OUT™


"SAFELY OUT™ is a project that encourages members of the public to assist their disabled and special needs neighbors in disasters.  We are a nonprofit organization that motivates citizens to become involved on behalf of those who are vulnerable, developed SAFELY OUT™ in partnership with the American Red Cross in Sacramento, California."

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Enhancing Public Health Emergency Preparedness for Special Needs Populations: A Toolkit for State and Local Planning and Response, A RAND Health Initiative


"We learned many hard lessons from the disastrous flooding unleashed on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. Among them, each of us must take individual responsibility for his or her own safety during a disaster, whether it be flood, fire, earthquake or terrorism. A lone government agency can’t possibly cope with moving hundreds, even thousands of its citizens out of harm’s way."

- Winnie Comstock - Carlson, Comstock's Business Magazine, December 2007 Issue



"Sometimes when I look around the conference table, I can't believe that two ordinary restoration guys are hanging out with such heavy hitters.  A case in point.  A former radio personality, Jay Alan, is now the external affairs director for the California Emergency Management Agency.  Alan was at Arnold Schwarzenegger's side as the "public face" for the agency when the governor toured the destruction after a natural gas explosion near San Francisco last September."

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Cleaning and Restoration Magazine, January 2011 Issue

The organizations that have come together to present these well-thought out kits are to be commended. TNDC staff and tenants appreciate this wonderful, life-saving gift. 
Tenderloin Community Development Corporation, San Francisco, CA

We learned many tough lessons from the flooding in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and most recently, the multiple disasters in Japan. At Lanterman, we are committed to empowering people with developmental disabilities to take individual responsibility for their own safety during a disaster, whether it is flood, fire, earthquake or terrorism. The SAFELY OUT™ Kits, along with training, are tools that will help them safely evacuate after a disaster.
- Lanterman Regional Center, Los Angeles, CA

I contacted you a number of years ago with the request for 18,000 kits to be distributed to IHSS recipients in Sacramento County. The dilemma was there was no funding to pay for the kits. Not to be deterred, you contacted the Sacramento County Department of Water Resources (DWR) and secured the funding to see these kits would be available to some of Sacramento County’s most vulnerable citizens.

Most recently we have received 10,000 Safely Out kits that are being distributed to IHSS recipients. On behalf of each of these individuals, thank you and DWR for the protection these kits afford.
- Sacramento County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), Sacramento, CA

These kits will support our agency's disaster mission statement to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and volunteers in the case of a disaster. These kits will allow us to identify the evacuation status of vulnerable, disabled and/or elderly clients in our shelters and permanent supportive housing and ensure that all are able to safely exit the building and obtain any special assistance needed.
- Hamilton Family Center, San Francisco, CA

The threat of evacuation in the aftermath of a devastating disaster of persons with developmental disabilities is always of concern to both Regional Center staff and service providers. These kits provide a tool that is both simple and easy to use and activates neighborhoods to look in after each other. These kits are the essence of what “social service” should be and provide communities with a hands-on way to assist neighbors that might have difficulties in express their need of evacuation.
- San Gabriel Regional Center, Pomona, CA

These kits give us the opportunity to work collaboratively with our residents and get them the information they need to be personally prepared for an emergency. 
- Episcopal Community Services, San Francisco, CA

What a great idea, and what a generous thoughtful promotion to get these items to the poorest of the poor, the ones who could easily be forgotten, who don’t have the resources to put something like this together.
- Homeless Prenatal Program, San Francisco, CA

This generous donation will allow ELARC to further support the individuals with developmental disabilities that we serve and their families in their personal preparedness efforts. At a time when recent events have heightened all our awareness of the need for emergency preparedness, your commitment to assisting people with developmental disabilities is appreciated.
- East Los Angeles Regional Center, Los Angeles, CA

Our clients reside in a variety of settings - with family, in residential homes, and many adult clients live independently in the communities where they reside, some with support staff. It is for these independent living clients we intend to distribute the kits. The information contained in the kits will prove to be a very useful tool in preparing for a disaster and creating a plan of action.
- Central Valley Regional Center, Fresno, CA

For our independent living clients, these kits provide a needed vehicle to reach neighbors and friends - providing assistance when it really matters - during an evacuation due to a disaster of some kind. For our families with children who are disabled, these kits will provide needed information and the ability to know that others are looking out for these families.
- Harbor Regional Center, Torrance, CA